2012+ Dodge Ram 1500 Intermediate Axle repair kit

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Axle repair kit 722N695BKA

Shaft kit with new bearings and SureSeal Boots. This is a product we put together in-house, have patented to sell! It is a very simple fix and more affordable than replacing the entire differential.

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Instructions: Removing Right Side Housing:

  • Remove PS housing by pulling top ball joint and outer tie rod end.
  • Remove axle nut and tap CV axle off of the differential output shaft then remove from the hub and set aside.
  • Next, unplug the actuator
  • 2 Mounting bolts and 4 housing bolts need to be removed. With a small flat screwdriver and a hammer, break the silicone seal of the housing to the main part of the diff.

With the housing removed:

  • Remove actuator and collar.
  • Remove large inside snap ring (located in the actuator opening), then hit shaft with rubber mallet out of the housing.
  • Remove the small snap ring off the shaft and reuse it on the new shaft.
  • Use a suitable tool to remove the outer seal and caged needle bearing. (If the seal is not being replaced then inspect and clean the bearing and seal surface. Then apply a suitable grease to both.)
  • Press the caged needle bearing in from the outside edge flush with the shoulder in the aluminum housing.
  • Install assembled shaft and bearing assembly with press or rubber mallet until the inside snap ring groove is exposed and then re-install snap ring.
  • Install the new seal (if removed) to an approx. and even depth of  .410” from the outer edge.
  • Re-install steel dust shield. (inner lip may need to be resized with a flat disc and a hammer or a small set of pliers in order to retain the tension on the shaft.

Re-installing Housing:

  • Reverse the order above ensuring the collar is in place. Apply a small bead of silicone around the flange of housing and re-install on the differential.
  • The new 'sure seal' boot will need to be slid over the CV Axle first and then installed on the output shaft once the housing is re-installed.  (It seems to be easiest to work the entire boot over the axle first. The large then small end. This is a very tight fit, however, it will ensure a good seal)
  • Grease splines well and once the CV axle is secured into place slide the small end of the boot off the CV axle and onto the output shaft, creating a seal to keep the moisture out and the grease in.  This should prevent the stripped axle from happening again.

Torque   Actuator-21 ft lbs        Housing Bolts-48 ft lb        Oil  75w85 (Top off as needed)


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